Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Good Day

Well today was a good day.

After lunch I was able to take Ron out for a bit, we went to Canadian Tire (yeah I know really exiting), best of all he was able to go to the bank and visit. For those who don't know, Ron is the manager of the CIBC (Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce) here. He was quite emotional when we got there, he hasn't been there since he became sick.

We did have a bit of a stumble when I was getting him back in the van, luckily a fellow driving by came and helped me get him in. Other than that no problems and Ron felt so good getting out and doing something. He didn't even have a problem getting up the stairs into the house.

He has finished his second round of chemo, the Dr. has said he will be doing twelve cycles...so this is just the beginning. We did start a new anti seizure medication last week just to try and keep the breakthrough seizures under control...so far it has worked wonders...no seizures since last Thursday!!

This Saturday we have the Relay for Life, the bank's team is Rockin' Ronnies Runners. We are really looking forward to it...hopefully the weather will be nice that day. Ron and I will be walking the first lap for cancer survivors, those in the battle and caregivers.

Please continue to hold Ron up in prayer, especially for his eyesight, he is really struggling with that.

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