Sunday, May 6, 2007

Relay for Life

Wow what an amazing day. Ron was able to make it out for the first lap of the relay, it is for Survivors and People Living with Cancer. My brother, SIL, niece, and two sisters came out to support was so amazing.

It was such an emotional morning, Ron got to see so many people he hasn't spoken to since he's gotten sick. His Doctor did the opening speech and even said during it how pleased he was that Ron was able to make it. We got a ton of pictures, here is one of Ron with his mom (who is also a survivor) and Michaela.

Ron said this was the best day he's had since he got that really brought tears to my eyes. There were so many people out to see him, he is so loved by so many people...I mean who visits their bank manager when he is sick!! One of his customers said she loves him like he was one of her children...Ron's boss actually flew up from Kamloops to participate.

This is an event that we have been involved in for so many years and we've always enjoyed it, it is amazing the significance it takes on when you are so affected by cancer.

Ron said the best thing to some of the girls he works with, he said don't ever take for granted the things you have. You never know when something like this could affect your life, we all hope and pray never.

Oh and an amazing thing happened while we were there. They had a draw for everyone registered for the first lap and Ron won a 4 day Pacific Coastal "Survivors at Sea" Cruise. Isn't that awesome, I'm not sure where it goes but we take off from Seattle so it includes our airfare to Vancouver and hotel and a shuttle to Seattle to get on the ship. So I told Ron that he had better be feeling better by then because I want to go!!!

It continually amazing me that even while we are going through something has horrible as this God still blesses us...I know some people may have a hard time seeing it...but we are so blessed by so many things!!


paleraven50 said...

congrats to you annie and ron, for getting out there and taking part. ron looks so good, and your munchkin is getting so tall. wow won't that be a fun trip for the two of you hopefully ron is feeling up to it. way to go terrace the last i heard was 116,000.00 and still counting we have ours here in kitimat next saturday. we are cibc people as well annie. take care ttyl sue h.

TANYA said...

Awesome! I'm so happy to hear that he had a wonderful day! I heard that there were alot of people out there! Thats so amazing and encouraging.

Congrats on winning the trip, I hope that the two of you can enjoy it and have a great time!

Cathy said...


What a fantastic event, so great Ron was able to do it. And to win the trip, awesome! Please tell Ron he is in my prayers. Take care,