Monday, July 2, 2007


Well Ron continues to fight, he is such a strong man. He still can't hear or see, but is able to tell us what he needs or asks questions that we can nod or shake his head yes or no.

He is eating and drinking really well, I think that is really keeping him strong...he has such a fight to live.

I'm still staying at the hospital with him, they brought in a bed for me so I didn't have to sleep on the couch anymore...unless Michaela stays with us then she wants the bed.

Oh and one night in the hospital parking lot last week someone smashed in my van windows and stole my CDs (they were all Christian music so maybe they will do them some good), can you believe that...getting it all fixed up though. My church has offered to replace my CDs...I thought that was so sweet!! To be honest I didn't care about the van or the CDs things can always be replaced, it is amazing how little I cared, I was more concerned about the time it would take away from Ron.

We are all doing as well as we can and spending a lot of time in prayer and just being with Ron. Even while in a hospital bed I still look at him as the same handsome, strong man that I fell in love with and continue to love with all my heart!!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the update. I have been on vacation and your blog was the first one I checked when I got home. You are an inspiration! I know God is carrying you and giving you new strength each day.
Praying still...

Jenny said...

You have an amazing sense of strength and faith Annie!
I admire your courage! Thanks for sharing your journey with us!
If there's anything you ever need, just email me!!!

JGutfreund said...

God bless you and your family Annie. Your faith is your strength. The vandals and theives will have their day before the Lord and they'll learn that his word is final.

Take care.
My prayers are with you,

sister sarah said...

Oh Annie! The joy will come in the moning scriptue says but how do you hold on to that????? I heart is breaking for you and I want you to know that I am praying that I can in some way help to share your burden... as your sister Christ. I am in awe of your family and the God given strength and example that you are sharing with the world. You and Ron are the LIGHT and the SALT. You are real and honest. Thank you for sharing your story of faith.

jill said...

anne it has been awhile i hope you are ok take care jill thinking of you